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People in business find themselves in disputes on regular occasions.  The available solutions range from negotiation to litigation.  The challenge is one of recognising the the correct solution path and implementing that program.

The construction industry is a challenging environment due to its complexity, technical specialisations, numbers of parties involved and their differing technical and financial capacities.

Construction projects by there nature place people at risk regardless of the protective systems in place and the understanding of the consequences of failure. Innovation in the industry is the root of competitive advantage but takes participants in the industry to the edge of technology and organisational skill.

Due to the scale of projects construction projects involve substantial financial challenges and risks. It takes great business acumen and skill, an entrepreneurial approach to achieve success.


Alliance and it associated business Alliance Research are focussed on working with clients to solve problems.


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We are interested in the way others solve problems.  As we develop this site we  will be inviting people to enter the discussion about challenges in the infrastructure and construction industry from the legal, operational and financial perspectives.

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